Container to serve as well

Bottle of water

Separate containers for drink / water as well as grain / birdseed



Silver dollar


Drink (Mead)

Tarot cards


Paper / Pen

Before ritual:

While in the forest, but before beginning the ritual, I want to find some water and to try connecting with it, probably by offering some money, maybe meditating next to it. For some reason, ‘bathing’ my feet in what I know will be the (comparatively) freezing water really appeals to me right now.

The goal is to (re)connect with water as a force of life, and an element of the goddess (who I’m picturing as Brigid right now)


This here all assumes a relatively secluded ritual area. Probably not at the same place that I try to connect with the water.

    1. Grounding: The two powers meditation
    2. Purification: Holding arms out ‘around’ altar space, focus on setting space ‘apart’ for worship.
    3. Honor the Earth Mother: Extemporaneous words of praise, thanks for her bounty by which she carries me through this existance offer some grain
    4. Statement of purpose: Extemporaneous words to the effect that I come to observe the Samhain, to commemorate the ending of the summer months, and specifically to honor my ancestors..
    5. (Re)create the Cosmos.
      1. Put the silver dollar into the well. Say something spontaneous to the effect of: “The realm of the deep, home of the ancestors.”
      2. Light the candle. Say something spontaneous to the effect of “The realm above, home of the shining ones.”
      3. Offer water to the tree. Say something to the effect of “The middle realm. My home, as well as the home of those I care for and the nature spirits.”
    6. Invoke the Gatekeeper, Open the gate
      1. Invoke Curennos. Something like “Cernunnos, on this Samhain, I ask your assistance. You, who are half wild, half man, sitting in the realm between. I ask today that you join this ritual as gatekeeper.”
      2. Open the gates. “Cernunnos, gatekeeper, join your magic to mine and help me open this gate.” Making a spiral gesture, visualize a portal opening above the well and fire.
    7. Invite the Kindred
      1. Invite the ancestors. “Ancestors, old ones, whose blood flows in my veins, whose passions inhabit my mind, I ask that you hear me this day. Accept my offering” — pour out some drink — “and from beyond this mortal realm, join me this Samhain in ritual.”
      2. Invite the nature spirits. “Spirits of the land, of beast and wing, of stone and tree, I ask that you hear me this day. Accept my offering” — offer some bird seed — “and join me this Samhain in ritual.”
      3. Invite the gods. “Shining ones, matrons and patrons, from your realm on high I ask that you hear me this day. Accept my offering” — pout out some drink — “and join me in this Samhain ritual.”
    8. Being of the occasion: The ancestors.
      1. Take the bread in my hands. Speaking earnest praise for the ancestors, begin breaking the bread. Break a piece first for ancestors of the blood, speaking praise of them, mention memories, give praise and thanks. With the remaining bread, break off pieces for ancestors of the spirit, praise
    9. Prayer of sacrifice?
    10. Omen
      1. First, an up-or-down omen as to whether my offerings have been accepted. (Coin toss, heads = yes, tails = no)
        1. In the event my offerings are not accepted at the first go, offer more praise and then take the omen again.
        2. If it’s refused three times, ask for an omen on how my next offerings can be improved. Cut the tarot deck, take the omen. Write it down!
      2. Speak earnest praise individually for the ancestors, the nature spirits and the gods as the Tarot cards are shuffled. Maintain focus on their presence and the presence of the gate.
      3. “I take these three omens, that I might know the will of the ancestors, of the nature spirits, and of the gods in this rite and in my life.” Turn over one card as each Kindred is mentioned.
      4. Contemplate first impressions — Deeper ‘book’ meanings will be looked up later.
  • Write omens down!
  1. Workings: Praise, presentation of myself to the kindred. Declaration of intent to build a relationship.
  2. Thank the beings
    1. Thank the gods. “Shining ones, I thank you for your participation in this ritual today. Your presence has inspired me.” Pour out more drink. “I praise and thank you.”
    2. Thank the nature spirits. “Nature spirits, I thank you for your participation in this ritual today. Your presence has encouraged me.” Scatter more birdseed.
    3. Thank the ancestors. “Ancestors, I thank you for your participation in this ritual today. Your presence has strengthened me.”
    4. Thank Cernunnos with an offering of my birdseed. “Cernunnos, I thank you for your assistance today, without which this ritual would not have been possible. Your presence honors me.”
  3. Close the gates. “Cernunnos, with gratitude for the assistance you have provided me this Solstice, I ask that you once again close the gates.”
  4. Thank the Earth Mother. “Earth Mother, I thank you today not only for the bounty from which we live in excess, but for the assistance you have provided here today.” Empty the drink.
  5. Close the rite. “With [Insert emotion here] I hereby end this ritual.”
    1. Audio signal: Clap hands three times.
    2. Extend hands, focus on integrating the space set aside for worship back into the secular world.

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