Container to serve as well
Bottle of water (if not at home)
Silver dollar
Red wine
Tarot cards
Ritual Script


  1. Purification: Walk sunwise around the ritual space, asking the ancestors and nature spirits to assist me as  I set the space apart for worship.
  2. Honor the Earth Mother: Place hands on ground, extemporaneous words of praise, offer some grain
  3. Statement of purpose: “Today I come to observe the solstice, to bask in this special time of year in with the Earth Mother and to thank Sol for returning to bring more light into our world. Today, I commit to grow even as Sol’s light grows in our world and to strive to remember that in darkness I’m surrounded by the fertility of the Earth Mother..”
  4. Invoke Apollo. “Phoebus Apollo, laurel-crowned and honey-tongued, golden and shining, first among poets, I beg you to gild my tongue and place pleasing words upon my lips, that the kindred might hear me and be pleased. Phoebus Apollo, accept this offering and give me inspiration this day!” Offer wine.
  5. (Re)create the Cosmos.
    1. Put the silver dollar into the well. Say something spontaneous to the effect of: “The realm of the deep, home of our blessed ancestors.”
    2. Light the candle. Say something spontaneous to the effect of “The realm above, home of the shining ones.”
    3. Offer water to the tree. Say something to the effect of “The middle realm. My home, as well as the home of those I care for and the nature spirits whom I cherish.”
  6. Invoke the Gatekeeper, Open the gate
    1. Invite Prosperina. With hands on the ground, say “Prosperina, you who cause each seed to germinate and bear fruit. You of the green of spring, you in whom bring the bounty of harvest has its beginnings. Hear me now on your throne in the underworld and please join this ritual and serve as my gatekeeper.”
    2. Open the gates. “Properina, let this well be a gate, that my ancestors might better hear me! Properina, let this fire be a gate, that the shining ones might better hear me! Properina let this tree be a gate, that the nature spirits might better hear me!”
  7. Invite the Kindred
    1. Invite the ancestors. “Ancestors, old ones, whose blood flows in my veins, whose thoughts pound in my head, whose feet have worn smooth the path I tread, I ask that you hear me this day. Accept my offering” — pour out some drink — “and from beyond this mortal realm, join me this Solstice in ritual.”
    2. Invite the nature spirits. “Spirits of the land, of claw and wing, of stone and tree, spirits who crawl, fly, slither and take root, I ask that you hear me this day. Accept my offering” — scatter some bird seed — “and join me this Solstice in ritual.”
    3. Invite the gods. “Shining ones, thundering with power, overwhelming with beauty, blessed with wisdom, matrons and patrons, from your realm on high I ask that you hear me this day. Accept my offering” — pour out some drink — “and join me in this Solstice ritual.”
  8. Beings of the occasion: The Earth Mother “Earth Mother. It is in the darkness, that your strength heals mortal flesh. It is in the quiet that the voices of spirits may be heard. Now, at this solstice, I thank you for your fertility and generosity. For the strength and beauty with supports and sustains me. Great is my thanks.” — Give grain to the Earth Mother
    Sol: “Sol, when we feel you least we miss you most. We, who may have hidden from your intensity in the summer long for the return of your life-sustaining power. In your absence we learn of your strength. We honor you this day.” — Give grain to Sol
  9. Omen
    1. Speak earnest praise individually for the ancestors, the nature spirits and the gods as the Tarot cards are shuffled. Maintain focus on their presence and the presence of the gate.
    2. “I take these three omens, that I might know the will of the ancestors, of the nature spirits, and of the gods in this rite and in my life.” Turn over one card as each Kindred is mentioned.
    4. Contemplate first impressions — Deeper ‘book’ meanings will be looked up later.
  10. Workings. None this time.
  11. Thank the beings
    1. Thank the gods. “Shining ones, I thank you for your presence at this ritual today. Your presence has honored me.” Pour out more drink. “I praise and thank you.”
    2. Thank the nature spirits. “Nature spirits, I thank you for your presence at  this ritual today. Your presence has encouraged me.” Scatter more birdseed.
    3. Thank the ancestors. “Ancestors, I thank you for your presence at this ritual today. Your presence has inspired me.”
    4. Thank Cernunnos? Offering? More birdseed?
  12. Close the gates. “Proserpina, with gratitude for the assistance you have provided me this Solstice, I ask that you assist me as once again we close the gates. Let this fire be no more than a fire, let this tree be no more than a tree, let this well be water once again.”
  13. Thank the Earth Mother. “Earth Mother, I thank you today not only for the bounty from which I live every day in excess, but for your presence here today.” Empty the water.
  14. Close the rite. “With [Insert emotion here] I hereby end this ritual.”
    1. Walk sunwise around the ritual space. Speak to the ancestors as I return the space space to profane use.