I have to admit that I have no goal to ever try and create a complete listing — much less, to acquire complete understanding — of all the Gods I could worship. It might be possible, but it doesn’t appeal to me very much.

Analog to the druidic dictionary, however, I want a place to keep my notes together as I start delving into the plurality of potential dieties for my own personal pantheon. (Yeah, that was intentionally consonant.) Here is where I’m going to keep track of what I find.

Celtic Dieties
Though I’m least familiar with these, it seems I should list them first.

Brigid: She seems to be the most commonly worshipped Celtic God (based on my impressions, not data), and gave her name to the island/country of Britannia.

Cernunnos: A horned god of the wild and liminal spirit who served as my first Gatekeeper. More on him here.

Nwyfre: Listed here, because it’s mentioned on the Cernunnos card in the DruidCraft tarot deck.

The Morrigan: I don’t know much about here, though I’ve found her described as a goddess of war, which kind of intrigues me. Apparently, seeing a lot of corvids (new word for me, means crows and ravens) is a sign of her.

Greek/Roman Gods
This list could go on forever, but, as I read about the gods, a few have stuck out ot me. I’m going to try to learn more about them.

Pan: I’ve always been drawn to the Roman god of nature, Pan. And, for some reason, I’ve never read the Browning poem that (by virtue of a reference) taught me about him. I’m fixing that now.

Baccus: The god of alcohol. I don’t know a lot about him, but I know a few stories, such as his creating dolphins from sailors who tried to take him captive, and I know that he was supposed to be a god who equalized the classes (everyone being equal in intoxication). I’d like to learn more about him, too.


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