The Internet is wonderful. I went from not even realizing that there were still people alive who considered themselves druids to finding an Internet full of druidic resources.

Thus far, I haven’t found a proper list of all the resources out there, so I thought I would share what I find here. At the moment, these are resources I’m collecting as much for myself as for anything else.

Resources in English:

  • Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids: OBOD. They offer the courses I hope to one day take. Until then, their site is still full of information useful for beginners.
  • Druid Network: Hosts of thePerennial Druidry Course and the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s liturgies, I’ve also found their resources very valuable.
  • Druidic Dawn: A bit confusing (to me). I’m thankful for the Gods and Goddesses page they have, but find the embedded webpages strange. Nonetheless, they provide information I’m grateful to get.


Resources in German:

Resources I have made (mostly for myself):


  • Lakefront Pagan Voice: I have only heard a few episodes, but look forward to listening to back episodes. Great reflections — bordering on sermons, though I doubt that’s a word the podcaster would use — on paganism and it’s practical application to life.
  • Upon a Pagan Path: Another podcast I just started listening to. Personal and rambling — and it makes me crazy that the podcasts says “I know you hate it that I type while podcasting” while he types — but a source of great reflections and little bits from various druids and other pagans.

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