Listen, I love the idea of the circle of the year. It’s just that I apprently stink at it in practice.

Just recently, Beltane happened. (‘Just recently’ means less than a week ago in this instance.) And it didn’t surprise me. I knew it was coming. I was just too un-invested in it to actually prepare.

Despite the fact that my Imbolc was pretty moving, I. . . I just find it hard to work out my own tradition. There’s a fear of doing it ‘wrong,’ which should be irrelevant, but I think that, if the function of ceremony to a hedge druid, is for me to feel a connection to a greater pagan community, then, well, there’s a pressure to do it right.

So, while I’m loving a heightened appreciation of the dance of seasons, I can’t say I’m really feeling the circle of the year. Maybe I really ought to join an order — for the beginning, at least — and do it ‘their way’ before branching off from that.


3 thoughts on “The Circle of the Year

  1. I have similar reflections from time to time. Wondering if my practice would be more effective if I join an order but, I’ve never been great at following rules. I have some core principals which I adhere to in my practice of Tibetan Buddhist Sadhana, and Daoist elemental practices, but this is essentially for staying energetically focused and grounded. Otherwise, I play with any number of different ideas and practices.


    1. I like the idea of playing with ideas and practices, but I wonder if I should establish a clear starting point first–along with finding people who’ll hold my hand if I need it–before I set out on my own.

      I guess I’m thinking of a spiritual “crawl before you walk” sort of thing.

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      1. If you believe in what you do it dosen’t matter so much what you do. It’s the intent that counts. It’s always great to strengthen your belief and intent by working with other like minded people. It can get lonely on the path at times. There’s nothing to stop you from cultivating both kinds of paths, the individualistic and the more group oriented and moving fluidly between the two as needed. There’s no wrong or right here. It’s usually comes down to what is most practical at any given time.

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